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Our versatile module is meticulously crafted for Stockists, Super Stockists, Wholesalers, Dealers, and Distributors. It empowers businesses with a suite of features designed to optimize operations and drive growth.

Key Aspect Module

Key Aspect Module

Manager: Manage managerial roles within your organization efficiently.
Area: Define and organize sales areas for effective distribution.
Sales Man: Track and manage your sales personnel for improved performance.
Customers: Maintain a comprehensive customer database for personalized service
Sales Management :
Sales Man wise Reports: Gain insights into individual salesmen’s performance through detailed reports.
Orders: Streamline order processing and inventory management.
Outstanding Management: Effectively handle outstanding payments and receivables.
Sales: Record and analyze sales transactions for growth opportunities.
Credit Notes: Issue credit notes when necessary to ensure financial accuracy.
Monthly Product Sales: Analyze monthly product sales data for planning and decision-making.
Credit Limit and Ageing Analysis: Set credit limits and monitor payment aging for effective credit control.


Business Enhancement:

Business Growth Options: Explore opportunities for business expansion and development.

Scheme Management: Efficiently manage promotional schemes, discounts, and incentives.

Margin Control: Monitor and control profit margins to optimize profitability.

Credit Control: Implement robust credit control mechanisms to minimize risk.




SMS and E-mail Communication: Communicate with customers and partners via SMS and email.
Targets and Actuals Analysis: Set and track sales targets for performance assessment.
Sales Man wise Revenue Tracking: Monitor revenue generated by individual salesmen.
Field App for Salesforce: Equip your salesforce with a mobile app for enhanced productivity.
Online or Offline Order Booking: Enable flexible order booking options, online or offline.
Cash or Cheque Collection: Collect payments efficiently, providing acknowledgment prints.
Track Agent Location: Monitor real-time agent locations for logistics optimization.
View Ledger Statement: Access ledger statements for accurate financial record-keeping.
Data Sync with Mobile: Ensure data synchronization with mobile devices for up-to-date information.

Get Voucher Approval: Implement voucher approval workflows for financial control.
Track Delivery Status of Orders: Stay informed about order delivery status for improved customer service.
Print Bill Copies from Anywhere: Easily print bill copies from any location for documentation.

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