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Corporate Training Tailored for Your Organization

Program Overview:
Our comprehensive corporate training program offers a range of modules designed to cater to your organizational needs. It’s crafted to equip your team members, including accountants, purchase and stores personnel, sales staff, and senior managers, with the essential skills to effectively utilize Tally.


Increased Productivity: Enhance staff productivity by leveraging Tally effectively.

Module Selection: Customize the training by selecting modules based on your specific requirements.

Training Components:Cover basic accounting, document printing (Invoices & Purchase Orders), inventory accounting & management, statutory compliance, and more.

Targeted Training Modules:

Accounting Essentials:Learn basic accounting principles and practices within Tally.

Sales & Purchase Management:Efficiently handle order booking, tracking, and management.

Administration & Security:Train administrators to define security permissions, manage data backups, and ensure smooth Tally operations.

Advanced Features:Explore powerful yet lesser-known features such as Remote Edit Access, Control Centre, Support Centre, SMS integration, and GST compliance.

Benefits of Training:

  • Staff Retention:Investing in training enhances staff retention rates.
  • Staff Satisfaction: Empower your team, leading to increased job satisfaction.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Better-trained staff leads to improved customer service.
  • Enhanced Profitability: Increase profitability through skilled and efficient workforce.

Popular Training Programs Offered:

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