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About Us

“Founded on April 1, 2019, Bezzie Infotech embraces the meaning of ‘Bezzie’ as the epitome of friendship. Our company is built upon the ethos of understanding our clients’ needs and providing tailored solutions rather than resorting to forceful sales tactics. Our team at Bezzie Infotech is dedicated to redefining excellence in accounting and Tally software solutions. With a commitment to genuine relationships, we prioritize establishing connections with our clients that go beyond mere transactions.

We stand by the belief that true success lies in comprehending and meeting the unique requirements of each client. Our approach is centered on offering the best-in-class solutions that address specific needs, ensuring optimal satisfaction. Within our team, there exists a wealth of expertise in navigating the intricacies of accounting and Tally software. Our professionals are adept at resolving software-related issues, providing on-field solutions, and contributing to the growth of our clientele.

At Bezzie Infotech, we are united in our mission to empower our clients with comprehensive knowledge and customized solutions in accounting and Tally software. Our journey is defined by a commitment to delivering tailored expertise and unwavering support to our valued clients.”

Our Vision

“At Bezzie Infotech, our vision is to become a trusted leader in delivering innovative and tailored accounting and Tally software solutions. We aspire to create a future where businesses thrive through our commitment to understanding, empowering, and fostering genuine partnerships with our clients. Our aim is to be recognized as the go-to source for excellence, innovation, and personalized service in the realm of accounting technology.”

Our Mission

“Our mission at Bezzie Infotech is to revolutionize the landscape of accounting solutions by providing comprehensive, user-friendly, and customized software tools that empower businesses of all scales. We are dedicated to offering unparalleled expertise and support, nurturing a culture of continuous learning, and cultivating lasting relationships. By focusing on understanding our clients’ needs and delivering tailored solutions, we aim to maximize their success and drive growth in the ever-evolving world of accounting technology.”

Aarish Khan



Aarish’s professional journey is marked by eight years of dedicated experience in the field of accounting, with a notable specialization in Tally software. His career path began as a desktop support specialist for Tally applications, where he honed his expertise in troubleshooting and resolving issues related to this software. Over the years, Aarish’s commitment and skills led him to advance in his career. He assumed the role of a senior professional responsible for on-field solutions, demonstrating his ability to provide effective solutions and support to clients. In 2017, Aarish transitioned to a pivotal role within the sales team, where he leveraged his deep knowledge of Tally software to contribute to the growth and success of the organization. Notably, Aarish’s passion for training emerged and grew stronger over time. He recognized the immense potential within this segment and realized that it aligns perfectly with his strengths and interests. As he continues to evolve in his career, Aarish’s journey is marked by a combination of hands-on experience, technical proficiency, and a newfound dedication to training and knowledge sharing in the field of accounting and Tally software.

about us

Nazir Kazi

Co Founder

about us

“Nazir Kazi, a distinguished co-founder at Bezzie Infotech, has been an integral part of the industry since 2017. With a strong background in the field, Nazir has spearheaded several noteworthy projects, notably steering the successful implementation of Tally software for over 1200 Asian Paints dealers in Mumbai and surrounding areas.

Nazir Kazi has been an invaluable asset to Bezzie Infotech since its inception, contributing his extensive industry expertise from day one. His profound knowledge, coupled with hands-on experience, continues to be instrumental in driving the company’s success and growth trajectory.”

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