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Tally is a business management software that handles your accounting (tracking sales, purchases, receivables, and payables), inventory management (tracking orders and inventories), payroll, bank transactions, and statutory compliance, among other things. Using Tally License, you can unify the management of many business processes, removing complexity so that you can concentrate on business expansion. TallyPrime, an easy business management tool, automates all essential business procedures, making it easier to complete tasks fast, increase business productivity, and provide you better control over your company.


Tally Gold License
  • Single User License: A Single User License allows a single user to install and use Tally software on a single computer. This license is suitable for small businesses or individuals who want to manage their accounting and financial activities on a standalone basis. With a single user license, only one user can access and work with the Tally software at a time.
  • Multi-User License: A Multi-User License permits multiple users to access and use Tally within a local network. This license is ideal for businesses and organizations where multiple individuals or departments need to collaborate on accounting and financial tasks simultaneously. With a multi-user license, you can install Tally on a server and allow multiple users to connect and work on their own computers, sharing the same data and resources.
Tally Gold License

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