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WhatsApp Integration

To integrate WhatsApp with Tally, you typically need access to the WhatsApp Business API. This API allows businesses to send and receive messages through WhatsApp for customer support, notifications, and more.

Use Cases for WhatsApp Integration with Tally

Invoice Notifications: Send automated invoice notifications to customers via WhatsApp.
1.Payment Reminders: Use WhatsApp to send payment reminders and follow-ups.
2.Order Status Updates: Keep customers informed about their order status.
3.Customer Support: Offer customer support via WhatsApp for quick query resolution.
4.Lead Generation: Capture leads from WhatsApp conversations and add them to Tally.
5.Inventory Alerts: Get real-time inventory alerts or low-stock notifications through WhatsApp.

Types of WhatsApp Integration

1.Outbound Notifications: Send automated WhatsApp messages from Tally to customers or vendors. For example, you can send order confirmations, shipment notifications, or payment receipts.

2.Inbound Messages: Receive and process WhatsApp messages from customers or vendors within Tally. This can include handling customer inquiries, order requests, or support tickets.

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