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Integrate housing Society System in Tally

Integrate housing Society System in Tally

  • To streamline housing society management with auto master creation and predefined ledgers.
  • To maintain comprehensive member details, including flats, wings, areas, and structures.
  • To automate monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly maintenance bill generation.
  • To create customized invoice formats with previous receipt tracking.
  • To calculate interest on outstanding dues.


  • Auto Master Creation: Seamlessly create master data for your housing society, including flats, wings, areas, and structures.
  • Predefined Ledgers: Utilize predefined ledger accounts tailored for housing society operations.
  • Member Details: Maintain detailed member information, including flat numbers, names, and contact details.
  • Automated Bill Generation: Automatically generate maintenance bills on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis.
  • Customized Invoice Format: Design and print maintenance bills with customized formats that suit your society’s requirements.
  • Previous Receipt Tracking: Include a record of previous payment receipts on maintenance bills for member reference.
  • Interest Calculation: Calculate interest on outstanding dues with precision and transparency.

Implementation Steps

Implementation Steps

  • Company File Setup: Create a company file dedicated to your housing society for efficient account management.
  • Master Data Creation: Define flats, wings, areas, and structures within the software.
  • Ledger Configuration: Set up predefined ledger accounts to streamline financial transactions.
  • Billing Frequency: Choose the billing frequency (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly) based on your society’s needs.
  • Customized Invoices: Design custom invoice formats that display detailed information and previous payment records.
  • Interest Calculation Rules: Set rules for interest calculation on outstanding dues.
  • Voucher Creation: Use the voucher creation feature to automate the billing process.
  • Receipt Tracking: Ensure that each maintenance bill includes a section for tracking previous payment receipts.
  • Interest Calculation: Implement the interest calculation function to accurately compute interest on overdue payments.

Reports and Analysis

  • Generate reports detailing member dues, outstanding balances, and interest calculations.
  • Track society financials with income and expense reports.

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