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Discover Tally’s specialized Bars & Restaurants Module, designed to empower your dining establishments with efficient management and exceptional customer experiences.



Multiple Restaurants & Bars:
Seamlessly manage multiple dining outlets from a single platform, optimizing your restaurant and bar operations.
Multiple Kitchens:
Organize and coordinate multiple kitchen areas to ensure seamless food preparation and timely order fulfillment.
Generate KOT & BOT:
Streamline your kitchen and bar order processing with Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) and Bar Order Tickets (BOT).
Visibility of Pending KOT in Kitchen:
Gain real-time insights into pending kitchen orders, reducing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Visibility of Pending Orders Table-wise:
Efficiently track pending orders for individual tables, enhancing service efficiency and guest satisfaction.
Visibility of Empty & Occupied Tables:
Easily identify vacant and occupied tables, ensuring efficient seating management and improved guest flow.
Food Bill Generation Waiter/Table-wise:
Generate precise food bills based on waiters or tables, ensuring accurate billing and customer satisfaction.
Restaurant/Waiter/Table-wise Analysis: Access in-depth performance analyses, including waiter and table-specific insights, to make data-driven decisions.

Stocks of Finished Goods & Raw Material: Maintain control over inventory with real-time tracking of finished goods and raw materials to minimize wastage.
Stocks of Cutlery & Linen: Monitor cutlery and linen inventory levels to deliver a seamless dining experience to your guests.
Day Close Function: Simplify your daily sales closing process with the Day Close Function, ensuring smooth end-of-day operations.
Consumption vs. Required Analysis: Analyze consumption versus required quantities, aligning your resources with Bill of Materials (BOM) for cost efficiency.
Customer Relationship Module: Enhance customer relationships through a dedicated module, enabling effective customer interactions and data management.
SMS / e-Mailing Module: Automate customer communication via SMS and email for promotions, reminders, and gathering valuable feedback.

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