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Real Estate

Manage Rental

  • Efficiently handle rental properties, including residential, commercial, and vacation rentals.
  • Track property availability, occupancy, and lease agreements.
  • Automate rent collection and generate receipts.

Tenancy Management

  • Keep detailed records of tenants, including contact information and lease terms.
  • Schedule tenant screenings and background checks.
  • Manage move-ins, move-outs, and lease renewals.
  • Document tenant communication and interactions.

Service Management

  • Schedule and track property maintenance and repairs.
  • Assign and manage service requests from tenants.
  • Coordinate with contractors and vendors for timely repairs.
  • Document service history and costs.

Property Management

  • Maintain a comprehensive property database with property details, photos, and floor plans.
  • Monitor property conditions and perform regular inspections.
  • Calculate property values and assess market trends.
  • Document property-related documents such as titles and permits.

Contract Management

  • Store and manage property contracts, including lease agreements, purchase contracts, and vendor contracts.
  • Set reminders for contract renewal dates and compliance deadlines.
  • Attach and track contract-related documents.

PDC (Post-Dated Check) Management

  • Handle post-dated check payments from tenants.
  • Track check issuance dates and deposit schedules.
  • Automate check clearance and reconciliation.

Budget Control

  • Create and manage property budgets for expenses and income.
  • Monitor actual expenses against budgeted amounts.
  • Generate financial reports to analyze budget performance.

Marketing & Sales

  • Promote properties through integrated marketing channels, including websites, listings, and social media.
  • Track leads and inquiries from potential tenants or buyers.
  • Streamline the sales process, from property listing to closing deals.
  • Document sales and marketing materials.

Document Management for Tenants

  • Store and organize tenant-related documents, such as lease agreements, identification, and communication records.
  • Enable secure document sharing between property managers and tenants.
  • Ensure compliance with document retention policies and legal requirements.

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