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Policy Management

Policy Management

  • Creation or Adding of Policy: Effortlessly create and add insurance policies to your system, ensuring accurate record-keeping.
  • Policy No.: Assign unique policy numbers to each policy for easy identification and tracking.
  • Policy Period: Define the policy period to keep track of coverage durations effectively.
  • Policy Type: Categorize policies according to IRDA guidelines with the flexibility to define policy types based on item groups.
  • Policy Product: Associate each policy with a specific insurance product, making product management seamless.
  • Commission Calculation: Define commission rates for each policy product, ensuring accurate commission calculations.
  • Dynamic Commission: Modify commission rates as needed while making entries, offering flexibility in commission management.
  • Lead and Co-Insurer: Record lead insurer and co-insurer names for comprehensive policy information.
  • Narration: Utilize narration for policy remarks, adding context and details to policy entries.
  • Account Owner: Define account owners in the master creation of party profiles, enhancing party management.
  • Account Manager Selection: Assign account managers to policies during the policy creation process, streamlining sales tracking.
  • Voucher No. Integration: Automatically generate voucher numbers from Excel, simplifying record-keeping.

Claims Management

  • Creation or Adding Claims Details: Efficiently create and manage insurance claims by associating them with the corresponding policies.
  • Claim Date: Automatically record claim dates as entry dates for accurate claims tracking.
  • Claim No.: Assign unique claim numbers to each claim, facilitating efficient claims management.
  • Claim Status: Mark claims as “Closed” or “Open” and add remarks for each claim’s status.
  • Policy Type: Automatically populate policy types based on associated items, simplifying claim processing.
  • Estimate Loss: Define and record estimated loss values when making claim entries.
  • Settlement Amount: Add settlement amounts for claims, ensuring transparency and proper documentation.
  • Insurer Details: Record insurer names for each claim, enabling easy reference and communication.

         Policy Reports

    • Commission Calculation: Access comprehensive commission reports, reward calculations, and renewal data for policy analysis.
    • Filter Options: Easily filter policies by account owner, account manager, insurer, and policy number for customized reporting.

         Claim Report

    • Comprehensive Claim Reports: Access detailed claim reports, including claim status, estimated losses, settlement amounts, and insurer details.
    • Filter Options: Filter claims by policy number, account owner, account manager, and insurer for tailored reporting.

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