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Discover how our Tally-customized hospital software solutions can transform your healthcare facility’s management. Our integrated application simplifies invoicing, accounting, and the overall clinic administration, empowering you to provide better patient care.



Efficient Patient Data Management: Seamlessly handle patient information and analytical data throughout your clinic, enabling informed decisions on patient safety, planning, and invoicing.
In/Out Care Management: Streamline patient enrollment with auto ID generation and comprehensive patient files.
Admission: Easily select and assign rooms/beds for admitted patients.
Care/Assistance: Capture complete patient test results, care details, and associated costs.
Doctor Planning: Maintain a comprehensive record of doctors and their specialties.
Room/Bed Management: Instantly check room/bed availability to optimize patient allocation.
Pharmacy Management: Efficiently manage your pharmacy operations.
Discharge Summary: Generate comprehensive discharge summaries with billing details for patients.
Clinical Reports: Enter specific diagnostic details accurately.

HMS Structure in Tally:

  • Doctor’s Master
  • Doctor’s Specialization
  • Room Master
  • Bed Master
  • Treatment Master
  • Procedure Master
  • Package Master
  • Insurance Master
  • Company Master
  • Camp Master



  • Registration for OP
  • Renewal of OP
  • Admission of Patients
  • Internet Protocol Service
  • Service OP
  • Room Shifting
  • Summary of Discharge
  • Discharge
  • Bed Reservation
  • General Receipt
  • Day’s End

Drug Store

  • Price List
  • Batch and Expiry Management
  • Inventory
  • Dispensary Invoicing

MIS Reports:

  • Registration
  • Renewal of OP
  • Admission
  • Bed Status
  • Internet Protocol Service
  • Service OP
  • Service Summary
  • Collection Report
  • Outstanding Patientwise Report

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