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Gas Cylinder

Cylinder Management

Cylinder Management

  • Cylinder Creation: Effortlessly create and manage cylinders in the system, including specifying their capacity for precise tracking.
  • Cylinder No. Tracking: Assign unique identification numbers to each cylinder, ensuring accurate tracking and management.
  • Cylinder Transactions: Keep detailed records of cylinders sold and received from the same customer for comprehensive inventory management.

Inventory Reports

  • Single Stock Report: Access a comprehensive report that provides a single view of your current inventory stock, making it easy to monitor gas cylinder availability.
  • Group-wise Stock Report: Categorize cylinders into groups for better organization and generate group-wise stock reports.
  • Party-wise Stock Report: Track cylinder stock by party or customer, helping you manage stock levels effectively and maintain strong customer relationships.

Sales Reports

Sales Reports

  • Daily Sales Report: Obtain a daily overview of sales activities, allowing you to monitor sales trends and make informed decisions.
  • Cylinder Number Tracking Report: Trace the movement and transaction history of individual cylinders by their unique identification numbers.
  • Cylinder-wise Sales Report: Access reports that break down sales data based on specific cylinders, helping you analyze which cylinders are in demand.
  • Customer CTR (Cylinder Turnaround Rate) Report: Measure the efficiency of cylinder utilization by generating customer CTR reports, enabling you to identify areas for improvement.

Experience Efficient Cylinder Management

  • Discover the power of our Gas Industrial Module, designed to streamline cylinder creation, tracking, and reporting for the gas industry. Simplify cylinder management, track sales efficiently, and access comprehensive reports for better decision-making.

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