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Barcode and QR Code Printing



Manufacturer improves inventory management as Barcodes help to track inventory precisely and also give rapid data where the information is scanned in the central computer. Tally with Barcode will improve efficiency and productivity while easing inventory for manufacturers and traders. The retail sector depends upon the Tally Barcode for maintaining stock and inventory tracking.

Ensuring easy data entry and tracking of inventory through Barcode and label printing. Manufacturers,Retailers, wholesalers, use Barcode and Label printing in Tally extensively as it reduces the burden of data entry while ensuring easy tracking of inventory. It is important to note this feature of Barcoding in Tally is a beyond Tally feature which means, you can use it only after installing a plug-in play solution booster.


-Efficient Inventory Management: Each item is assigned a unique barcode, allowing for easy tracking of item details like name, price, description, and stock levels. Barcode scanning simplifies data entry in Tally.
-Effective Inventory Tracking: Barcodes help trace product origin, manufacturing, and expiry dates, essential in industries like pharmaceuticals and food. They enable quality control and efficient manufacturing process tracking.
-Increased Efficiency and Accuracy: Barcoding reduces manual errors by automating data entry. Stock movement analysis in Tally becomes more accurate, ensuring optimal stock levels.
-Easy Integration: Barcoding and label printing in Tally require a plug-and-play solution booster. It’s easy to integrate and start using immediately.
-Enhanced Customer Experience: Businesses benefit from faster data entry, improved efficiency, and streamlined processes, leading to a better customer experience.
-Quick Billing: Barcode scanning at billing counters accelerates the billing and invoicing process, especially in retail and wholesale outlets.

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